"Friendly staff with easy communication to novice riders. Relaxed atmosphere between rider and instructor whilst out on the road. All good, will be back for future training."Duncan


"I highly enjoyed the service. Ian is a great instructor and the company is very professional and friendly".Ibrahim


"Great training! I had never ridden before and I left feeling confident to take on the road."Michael


"Absolutely loved it!!! Everyone was very helpful, professional and patient. Would recommend highly."  – Heather


"First class service, would highly recommend to anyone."John


"Training was made fun, easy to understand and always able to ask questions if not understood. Very enjoyable." – Shauni

John took delivery of his new bike in Spain this morning, thanks to GMTS!

John took delivery of his new bike in Spain this morning, thanks to GMTS!

"Amazing experience. I will definitely recommend GMTS to friends, family, etc., looking for any sort of bike lessons. Patient instructor and I’m glad I booked with GMTS." Ross


"Instructor very knowledgeable and helpful. I feel as though I have gained a good stepping stone to further my lessons and proceed to gaining my license." Cameron


"I found the training informative and, most importantly, safe. I am a novice rider but feel a lot more capable after my CBT." – Robin


"Whole CBT experience was fantastic! Never been on a bike before and instructor made me feel very comfortable and talked me through it step by step. Staff were great, Thanks!" - Lauren


"Thanks! Glad I passed and I didn’t even need any cable ties for my clutch hand! Ha ha! Ian was very helpful, much appreciated."


"I will definitely be recommending your riding school! Thanks, guys."


"Thanx. It’s bn great ridin’ with u!"


"I’m chuffed to bits like. Just need to get a bike now! And you’ll come highly recommended to all my friends. Much thanks."


"Thank you sooooo much! XXX Everyone’s been fab."


"Well chuffed! Thanks a lot for the training and help getting through the tests"


"Can’t thank you all enough! Had a great experience, I will def be recommending you to anyone looking to get their licence. Cheers!"


"Thanks very much for everything, Margaret. Yeah, no worries, I’ll recommend GMTS!"


"Cheers Margaret! Bob ain’t so bad after all, hahaha! I will def recommend yous to my friends, thanks again."


"Thanks very much again, Ian was great!"


"Thank you very much for all your help! And don’t worry – I’ll definitely be passing your details on!"


"Thank you all, you’re a fantastic team – friendly, approachable and patient. I’ve really enjoyed the whole learning experience!"


"Thanks for your kind message and all the assistance from yourself and the team at GMTS. Very professional and user-friendly!"


"Thanks for getting me through everything first time, and being able to accommodate my schedule. Instruction was first class and direct. Highly recommended."


"Thank you to you all – you have all been brilliant!"


"I will send you a lot of excellent feedback – you have been brilliant!!Especially with all the hassle of my extended test well dealt with!"


"Thanks guys! You’re a great team and have lots of patience. J hehe! I will recommend you – it will be my pleasure."


"Thanks to all the guys! Cheers!"


"Thank you for a cracking service, you have a cracking team!"


"Many, many thanks! I know I’m not the best of pupils, so that just shows how good you all are! Kindest regards."


"Thanks, Maggie! Well chuffed. Got a couple of people wanting through, and have told them to join you on Facebook."


"Hi everyone at GMTS. Js like to say thank you to everyone for helping me get through my motorcycle test. Was an enjoyable experience. Will defo recommend you guys to anyone I know. Thanks again!"


"Thank you, too, and yes, I will pass it to my mates!"


"Thanks, I am very pleased with the outcome! Cheers!"


"Thanks Margaret et al. Really enjoyed it and hoping to do a wee bit more once I’ve bought a bigger bike."


"Just a wee text to say thanks for setting my CBT up. Getting my bike on the road today. Michal was an excellent instructor – made me feel soooo comfortable!"

"Big thank you to Bob and Ian especially for their perseverance. C u again at the end of October when I get back from my travels. First time passes in Mod1 and 2, very happy to recommend you!" Glenn


"Will be putting my brother-in-law your way soon. Thanks for everything. The training you guys provide is A++" Gary


"I’m so happy. Thank you all for your help. Thank you!" Aqil


"Thanks, and first time too. Bob and Ian were really great. I’ll have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone." George


"Thanks for everything. I had a great time and Bob was not as scary as I was told!! He was great – could not have asked for any more!" Steven


"Thanks for great training – really enjoyed it! Much appreciated. Cheers!" Barry


"Thanks a million Margaret – couldn’t have done it without all you supermen and women at GMTS! So glad to have to the monkey off my back at long last. Will absolutely tell anyone who will listen about the sterling work you guys do and thank you all again for making it happen for me!" Mike


"Thanks to everyone who helped me pass – much appreciated!" Harry


"Awww, thanks very much for everythin, cheerz!" Steven


"Thank you all very much for the training and support. Really have made me a happy guy. I will more than gladly pass details to friend looking to do tests. Thanks again from" Alan


"Thanks folks, been excellent. Can’t wait to buy a bike now and get out bye and about" Mark


"I’ll be sure to pass on details to any friend who is interested. Thanks to all of you" Keith


"Thanks to all at GMTS for getting me through my Mod2 and for all your time and effort. Jim Ross


"Thank you very much! I will be recommending GMTS to anyone who asks! You guys have been awesome the whole time and I honestly can’t thank you enough! Will be seeing you in a couple of years for my next licence! Cheerio the now!" Steven


"I just wanted to send a HUGE Thank You to all at GMTS for getting me through my 'big bike' test. A special Thank You to Bob for all his help and advice. He's great at doing his job - a no-nonsense instructor who tells you straight where you're going wrong. Thank You Bob!
I'm so chuffed to have passed and can't wait to get riding!
Kind regards to you all
" Jackie x


"Just a note to say thanks for all the help getting me through my motorcycle test, also a big thank you to Bob and Ian for their consistent telling offs for doing things wrong! It works, I am through! Thank you once again." Gordon


"Greetings to all of you bikers and enthusiasts, I cannot recommend Ian Lambie or Bob high enough and I wish you all well! When I get another bike, I will be first stop to Iain to get a decent refresher, as I only put my trust where I have total faith and with GMTS, the laughter and banter is free to all as well! I'll be back soon." Stubsy


"Thanks for all your help. Will definitely recommend you if I come across any other pensioners wanting to pass a scooter test!!!" David


"Thank you to you all for all your help, support and advice.. Deffo going to recommend GMTS to everyone I know... I've had such an amazing journey which I want to say such a huge thank you to the main man himself.. The one and only BOB!!!.. A truly top guy.. Helped me achieve my dream.. Encouraged, advised, and sometimes shouted (when I needed it haha!!) which all helped me get my licence today and had a great laugh along the way....there is only one place to learn to ride a bike and I will be telling all...GMTS is the place to go... Will be poppin in for cuppy and banter lots..so Bob u ain't getting rid of me that easy haha!! .. Thank u xxx" Claire


"I have been so busy since doing my bike test that i have not had the chance to thank everyone at GMTS for getting me through my test first time. I really enjoyed my training and will definitely recommend GMTS to anyone. Please pass my thanks to the instructors, especially Bob for the training. There is a good chance when i get round to buying a bike I will be back for a re-fresher." Jonny


"Thank you ever so much. Am soooooo happy and excited. Have loved every minute of my training with Bob. He’s one amazing guy….you’re very lucky to have him working for you. I will definitely recommend you! Again thanks to all of you! Xx" Clair


"Hey I passed my bike test………yeah!!! Thanks for all your helps, you know what I mean….. Bob is good!" Peng


"Hiya,Thank you all so much, your encouragement (even Bobs) got me there in the end! Loved the training and have already been recommending GMTS as the top team to train with. I just picked up my new bike, Kawasaki W800 and it’s wonderful! I’m super chuffed! Thanks again to you all X" Sarah


"Thanks Margaret! I really appreciate your, bobs and Ians help! Cheers!" Ankur


"Thanks for the course. Glad to finaly be able to get on two wheels!" Lee

"Thanks, Margaret, I certainly will recommend you guys – you all have been great! Thanks again for everything." Jim


"Thanks everyone! I’m so pleased too. Going to see about a bike tomorrow and will pop by when I get it." Joanne


"Thank you! I will definitely recommend you." Colin


"Thanks for your support and excellent training from ian and bob. I’ll pop in once I’m back from my next trip and bring the bacon rolls and donuts! Thanks again" Mark


"Thanks very much, it was a pleasure to do my test with yous all. Been great! I will come back in 2 years to do my big bike license. Thanks very much again!" Radek


"Thanks for everyone at GMTS, you have all been great! I am a very happy chap! J" Richard


"Thanks so much for your help and for putting up with me. It was a complete pleasure!" Michael


"Thank you!! J That was great fun!! J Have a good day…. J" Michael


"Thank you so much for all you’ve done! Trust me when I say GMTS is top in my books. If ever someone asks me where to go, I’ll send them your way!" Jaime


"Actually, I have an admission to make! In appreciation of getting me through my test, I have nicked one of your training vests and am planning on pulling a wheelie on my scooter outside Buckingham palace tomorrow. The Queen will then unveil a huge banner saying “WELL DONE LIVI!” I’m likely to get arrested but it’ll all be in the papers…. Maybe even be on the telly. GMTS will be big news! J" Graham


"Thanks again to you all, see you in a few years for my A licence!" Blair


"Your professional tuition at a pace to suit the individual made going for a lesson something to look forward to." David


"Many thanks! It was a pleasure." Aarron


"Thanks very much. Bobs a great instructor….highly recommended to any of my mates that want to sit their test. I’ll pass them on. Thanks again!" Ryan


"Thanks guys, for all the help and support of getting me through it all! Don’t worry I’ll be recommending you to all my friends." Michael


"Just wanted to thank you all for getting me through my CBT. Home safe and well!! If you can get a complete un-confident novice like me feeling good on the road then you must be doing something right, can’t thank you all enough for the friendly patient service you provide and eh sorry about the damage!!!! Rest assured Margaret you all will come highly recommended, really big thing for me and I am so grateful I can't tell you! Will see you all for either renewal or to sit proper test. Take care thanks again." Neil From Perth


"I would like you to pass on my thanks to Bob and Ian, they are fantastic and so patient and persistent! They both have such differing styles of teaching and I have to say the craic was good! And many thanks to you as well, if you had not have responded so quickly and so enthusiastically and been such a help in getting everything organized - I would not have come to GMTS to train - so you are a perfect front for the Company and I could not fault you in any way - so thank you again. I know I have already said it, but thank you ever so much to you and your Boys for everything you have all done." Catriona O’Donnell


"Thanks for your help, guys! Really looking forward to getting a bike soon!" Chris


"Hey hey!!! Happy days!!! Thanks for all your help. Really enjoyed the training and the laughs." Stuart


"Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for helping me pass my test. Both Ian and Bob were great with their instruction and 'constructive criticism'. Also want to thank Margaret for sorting out my test. I've recommended you to a few friends too." Alan MacPhee


"I enjoyed every minute of my lessons and enjoyed the company – you’re a good bunch of people. All the best. X" Kieran


"Thanx! I’ve told a few friends already, but I’ll tell more! Away to get insurance and have a wee ride. :) So happy!" Robert


"Thanks to you all – best experience ever!" Fiona


"Thanks! :D Uses were great – thanks for getting me passed! :)" Josh


"Thankyou!!! I’ve already told my man he’s coming to you guys when he gets round to doing his test! :)" Gail


"Thanks for being an angel, and getting things sorted for me!" David


"Thanks for all the training I received – it was top-class!" Michael


"GMTS got me through both tests first time with flying colours. Bobs instruction comes with no BS, just solid advice. All the staff I met were very friendly and genuine. Highly recommended, thanks guys." Phil


"It’s all down to good training. Thanks for everything. Will definitely recommend to my friends. Thanks again!" Adrian


"Aww thanks Margaret! Was so nervous but glad it’s done. Will def recommend, thanks for your help." Danni


"Thanks a lot, give a big thanks to Bob. I have already recommended you guys to friends, family etc.  Cheers!" Dale


"I couldn't thank all the staff at GMTS enough. Bob & Ian for putting up with my MOD 1 failures and kicking my ass when needed. Mod1 passed at the 3rd attempt (due to my own stupidity) and Mod2 at the first go!! Thanks to Margaret for chopping and changing test dates for me on numerous occasions. Loving the life on 2 wheels thanks to GMTS!!" John MacDonald


"Thank u so much for fitting me in to what looked like a very busy day with your boys! Bob is a fantastic guy and a great teacher. He didn’t live up to his reputation of being a (swearword!)! He is a hard man to please but great banter at the same time. I feel honoured to have had such a great teacher, and feel like I made a bit of a friend of the grumpy old git :0). Passing today wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t shout at me and keep me on my toes. Thank-you so much. I will highly recommend u guys and destroy Bob’s hard-ass reputation – he’s a gentle man at heart! Xxx" Laura


"Thanks for everything. Please pass my thanks to Bob and Ian – got me through first time. You were all superb – will defo recommend to everyone." Philip


"Thank you!!!! It’s all down to Bob. Thanks again for all your help!" Claire


"Thanks, Margaret! I’ve already recommended you guys to a friend! Thanks again – great instruction!" Ross


"Thanks very much for all your help. I will deff recommend using GMTS to everyone! That’s the bike taxed and insured, shame about the weather!!!" Chris


"Thanks very much for not getting annoyed at my schedule! Already recommended you to a mate so you should be hearing from him soon." Lyndsey


"Finally at the age of 65 I did my motorbike training and test with GMTS. I found the instructors to be patient and extremely thorough. Bobs talk through I found to be bang on the money and there is no doubt about it they are the team to talk to if you want it done right." Iain Ross


"It’s been 38 years since I was last on a bike. Bob and Ian guided me through start to finish, erased my bad habits and imprinted safe riding practice in what is left of my grey matter. Passed both parts first time, so if you are thinking about getting your motorcycle license then you really will not find better instructors. Thanks to all at GMTS." Brian


"Thanks all very much" Gordon, Crianlarich


"Ian truly is a star, training me up and getting me through my tests in a short space of time. I will be recommending you for sure!" Chris Aitken


"Thank you very, very much! I had a brilliant time with all you guys!" Simon Wong


"Cheers for getting me through the first time – Happy days! Hopefully see you on the road one day!" David, Aberfeldy


"Thanks very much for your help to pass my test, and for all your experience and knowledge" Barry


"Highly recommend you guys to all my friends!" Michael


"You made the whole experience of gaining my motorbike licence such fun! Thanks to Bob and ian for their expertese, and to you for the coffee!" Kenny


"Training was very thorough, and the instructors very friendly and professional." Rhod.


"CBT was great, I'd never been on a motorbike before and the instructors made me feel safe & confident enough to pass first time" Ellen.


"I really enjoyed my training at GMTS, and Bob helped make the whole experience fun! I'd recommend GMTS to anyone." Margaret


"A big thank you to Bob and Ian for all the help to successfully completing my bike training. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends!" Ricardo

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