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Quality Assured Award in Motorcycle Rider Training Industry Competence.

Margaret Mitchell, who runs Dundee based motorcycle training business GMTS (Tayside) Ltd is the first training business in Scotland to gain MCIAC accreditation. 


The course will help to make 21st century teaching methods more widespread and raise expectations of customer service for motorcycle learners.   
It is run by the Motorcycle Industry Accreditation Centre (MCIAC) and the course content is quality assured by the highly respected Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI).  It is also endorsed by the government agency in charge of driving and riding standards Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).     
The course is open to businesses which are approved by the DVSA, known as Approved Training Bodies (ATBs).  The DVSA currently check instructors every four years, but those ATBs which have completed an MCIAC course will have an additional inspection every single year, as part of a package of ongoing support and quality assurance.   

GMTS (Tayside) Ltd is currently the only motorcycle training business in Scotland to take the course and as such its customers can be assured of an excellent experience.  Read the GMTS Quality Award Procedure here

It will also become part of a network of motorcycle training businesses in the UK featured on a dedicated website, to be launched in the New Year. This will become the first port of call for those looking for training.  

Background to the course: 
The motorcycle training industry has suffered from a lack of professional status and patchy standards for a number of years, with no clear system of signposting for customers to find quality instructors.   
Recognising this, the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) developed the MCIAC.

What does the course cover? 
The MCIAC course for ATB owners covers areas such as teaching methods, customer experience, standard of equipment and premises.   

Karen Cole, Safety and Training Director of the MCI explained: “This is the first course of its kind for the motorcycle training industry and part of a long term project to make sure learners know exactly where to go for quality instruction. 
Margaret Mitchell shows real foresight in participating; we see our ‘early adopters’ as pioneers of a new era of motorcycle training - one which should raise standards for riders across the UK and gain professional recognition for those working in the industry. 
“If you’re looking for motorcycle training, the first question you need to ask, is whether the business you are looking at has undergone MCIAC training?  That is the only way you are assured that you are spending your money with a training business which is routinely monitored via customer feedback surveys and checked every year rather than a business which has its instructors checked every four years.” 



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